Joe Rose – Lead Vocals / Guitar
Joeseph Carpenter- Drums
Jeremy Hull – Bass / Vocals
Ben Roi Herring – Steel Guitar / Vocals

Grasshopper Cowpunk
Drinkin’ Druggin’ & Lovin’
Clickity Clack
Holy Moly
Brothers’ Keepers

Native town
Fort Worth, TX

Recording company
Whoopass Records

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Holy Moly is a five piece American cowpunk band from Fort Worth, Texas. The band is the brainchild of frontman Joe Rose and guitarist Danny Weaver. The two started Holy Moly in 2005. Shortly after the forming they released their self-titled first LP, “Holy Moly.” The record garnered attention in DFW and beyond affording them the opportunities to play a multitude of shows across Texas while building a grassroots fan base every step of the way.

That fan base included a number of talented musicians, two of which joined the band in time to record the second album, “Drinkin’ Druggin’ and Lovin’”. The addition of Jeremy Hull on upright bass and Joe Carpenter on drums kicked the songs into high gear, and “Drinkin’ Druggin’ and Lovin'” was voted Album of the Year in the Fort Worth Music Awards. In 2011, Holy Moly took home the award for Best Live Band and Best Bassist (Jeremy Hull).

In 2009 Holy Moly took their special brand of mayhem on the road, touring through Texas and Louisiana. In the summer of 2009 Holy Moly hopped the pond and spent three weeks playing Belgium and Holland with Surfing Airlines productions. Time on the road lead to more new songs, and upon their return to the States Holy Moly recorded and released their third album, “Clickity Clack”, a raucous collection of high-energy tunes that features even tighter arrangements and more of Joe Rose’s signature storytelling lyrics. The enthusiastic reception lead to bigger shows playing in front of bigger crowds, with Holy Moly opening for bands like Bowling For Soup and Flickerstick.

It’s these audiences that help define Holy Moly’s identity. Shows are bombastic, goofy, and fun for everyone. Holy Moly’s lyrics weave a mysterious montage of zombies, one legged adulterers, and all the alcohol and drugs a healthy young person can handle. It’s rock and roll in its most honest form with a honky tonk needle helping it slide right into your heart and soul. What’s this needle, you might ask? This needle is the vehicle in which HM inserts its message, wraps it up and then lets it roll out all over the listener’s car stereo or beer drenched bar stool.

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